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Welcome to Mistress HQ. A selection of Femdom, Dominatrix escorts, Fetish escorts and Mistresses based in London providing an array of services and styles from strict BDSM to light and playful Role Play and sexy Tie and Tease. BDSM with Femdom and Dominatrix escorts BDSM Femdom Fetish play: From simple blindfold and handcuffs to more extreme forms of Bondage and Discipline all our Dominatrix escorts, Fetish escorts and Mistresses understand how to make a BDSM session enjoyable for the submissive. With their experience and wide array of toys and equipment each BDSM mistress is more than capable of treating you just as you deserve!Whether you're dipping your toe into the BDSM water for the first time or an experienced member of the BDSM community you're sure to find the Dominatrix escort, Fetish escort or Mistress that can provide the type of session that you've been fantasizing about.

All the Mistresses here are experienced in all types of BDSM, Fetish and Role Play. We specialize in professional Fetish escorts, Dominatrix escorts and Mistresses with talent and experience. Each Mistress has a well rounded understanding and experience of BDSM and Fetish play and each mistress has her own style and specialities.

Fetish Femdom, Dominatrix an Fetish escorts Fetish Play with Mistress: Foot Fetish, PVC, Latex, Fetish Role Play and more. With experienced Fetish ecorts and Mistresses skilled in all forms of Fetish Play you're sure to experience the fetish session of your dreams!

Dominatrix Mistress: All things Dom! Femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix, the Dominatrix escort from your fantasies. From Fetish Play to severe, Bondage to Tie and Tease, teasingly mild to slave training whatever your fantasy and desire these Mistresses know how to treat you!
Femdom, Fetish play, Dominatrix, Role Play, however you wish to define your kinks we're here to give you space to play and explore. From serious Mistresses to light Tie and Tease, Role Play and Fetish play whatever your fantasy or desire we have the experienced Dominatrix escort, Fetish escort or Mistress that knows how to provide the type of session that you're looking for.

Indulge your Fetish with some fetish play, role play your fantasies, take it to the edge with a gifted and experienced Mistress and bring your fantasies to life! Through role play, different aspects of BDSM and with the help of an experienced mistress you can explore and induldge your fantasies and we are here for you to do just that. Fetish to Vanilla, BDSM to Tie and Tease, whatever your kink you have a safe haven here . Browse the site and call 07909 732254to make a booking and explore and play in safety.

Safe play is essential for an enjoyable session and each Dominatrix escort, Fetish escort and Mistress here insists on pre-play negotiations. Before any BDSM play can commence negotiations are a must. All our Mistresses agree on safe words and agree boundaries before play. This way you're safe to enjoy your session and experience the satisfaction that you desire.

Dominatrix, Fetish, Fantasy and BDSM

With Mistress HQ you're safe in knowledge that all the Dominatrix escorts, Fetish escorts and Mistresses are professional and we understand Fetish play, BDSM, Fantasy play and the importance of an experienced, talented and skilled Mistress. Safe play and an enjoyable session for both parties is always our aim. Providing you with the most "compatable" Mistress for your particular desires and a safe environment for you to enjoy your session. Bondage Disipline: BDSM restraint and punishment at its finest! With a gifted Mistress your fantasies come to life. From physical to psychological restraining and punishment. Place yourself in the hands of a gifted Mistress and enjoy!

Bondage, Disipline, Role Play, Domination add into the mix a little punishment and when in the hands of an experienced and imaginative Dominatrix escort, Fetish escort or Mistress the experience will consume you and deliver you to a new level of satisfaction. From the simplest Tie and Tease and Role Play to the most severe Corporal Punishment this is true and selecting a professional and experienced Mistress is essential for the session to deliver the satisfaction that you're looking for. With our collection of professional and experienced escorts and our experienced reception we will guide you to the Dominatrix escort, Fetish escort or Mistress and the session that you've been aching for.

Call 07909 732254to make a booking and make your fantasies a reality.